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Thandy Bamford (born 16 Aug 2010)

Welcome to our wonderful new world of BABYzone!!!

Use our clever directory to find all your needs to make the time from pregnancy to baby's third birthday as much fun as it deserves to be!! You will find this site extremely simple to use. Just choose the zone you want to visit and use it's menu to find what you need.

Would  you like your baby's  "picture of the moment" on our website?  Send us your picture taken at that special moment and who knows, your baby might be the next BABYzone celebrity!  Please remember to include your baby's name and age. E-mail it to 

Take a look at the information below to decide which ZONE you want to be in. You can always switch zones by clicking on the links at the top or bottom of each page.


If you are looking for a personal trainer,
click here


Find everything that you will need for a healthy and fun pregnancy 

Toys, gifts, books, goodies, etc. - the toddler years will be much more exciting now!!

EDUzone CAREzone FUNzone

Development Activities, Playgroups, Cr�ches. Now you choose how you want to educate your child!!

Looking for baby care? We've got it - first-aid, hospitals, home care and more! 

Brighten your child's parties and special events with kiddies entertainment...of ALL sorts!! 

 Disclaimer - This website is a general information portal which aims to provide references to resources relevant to child well-being and development.  Although we act with the best of interest we do not take any responsibility for the content provided.  Should you have any concern about your child's well-being you should consult with an appropriate professional or expert. 

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